Graham Sustainability Institute

Executive Committee

EC Overview

Senior faculty members representing U-M units with significant curricula and research related to sustainability comprise the Executive Committee. This distinguished group provides valuable strategic guidance on the design and delivery of our work.

Current Members

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Environment and Sustainability
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Business (Ross)
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Health Behavior & Education
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Climate & Space Sciences
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Public Policy (Ford)
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Mechanical Engineering
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Art and Design (Stamps)
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Previous Members

Arun Agrawal, Toni Antonucci, Mark Banaszak Holl, Mark Barteau, Joel Blum, Steve Ceccio, Paul Courant, Deborah Goldberg, Sioban Harlow, Joseph Himle, Howard Hu, Mark Hunter, Olivier Jolliet, Maria Carmen Lemos, Jonathan Levine, Nancy Love, Andrew Maynard, Richard Norton, Diarmaid O'Foighil, Shobita Parthasarathy, Lutgarde Raskin, Donald Scavia, and F. Brian Talbot