Graham Sustainability Institute

A Sustainable Health Care System For Rural Haiti

Team Members

Elana Rosenthal, Matthew Chapman, Asher Feigenbaum


Professor Andrew Jones

Project Summary

Our long-term goal is to develop and build first level community-based healthcare facilities modeled after our successes to date with our clinic model in Duchity. This prototype Public Healthcare Facility (PHC) facility will be scalable, economically beneficial, reduce morbidity, and provide critically needed healthcare needs to the most vulnerable population of Haiti. Our proposal includes novel solutions utilizing solar power, and telemedicine with information technology.

The strategy is early effective medical intervention by screening, diagnosing and treating diseases utilizing medically accepted standardized techniques. The roles of the PHC includes: comprehensive early detection screening, diagnosis, laboratory tests, vaccinations, distribution of medications, basic emergency care, create a data collection base for continual monitoring of follow up care and for epidemiological analysis to predict epidemics in their early stages, continuing education/ training to empower and motivate healthcare workers and patients.

This prototype facility can be replicated with an interconnected data base with other PHC’s in remote communities hundreds of miles apart or many hours away due to bad road conditions.

Project Report