Graham Sustainability Institute

Adapting Outdoor Aquaponics Systems to Seasonal Locations

Team Members

Stuart Nath, and Daniel Choi


Joseph Trumpey

Project Summary

The main goal for this project was to develop an outdoor aquaponics system capable of providing affordable, fresh food to communities in need. Aquaponics is a form of small-scale, sustainable urban agriculture that combines hydroponics (plants grown in water) and aquaculture (fish farming). The project team worked with residents in Southeast Michigan to implement aquaponics systems using outdoor gardens.

The team researched power consumption, production, and insulation capacity, and tailored the project to prepare installing a typical small scale aquaponics system. The project framework was designed to increase success by identifying an outdoor garden capable of surviving the winter. The team’s partner organization, Neighborhood B.U.G., has experience converting abandoned lots into community gardens in specific neighborhoods in Detroit. Aquaponics systems will be located in selected sites with the potential to provide food to people in need, as well as, job and educational opportunities for community members.