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Cancer Epidemiology

EPID 621

This course serves as a basic introduction to the field of cancer epidemiology. The course applied the principles developed in the introductory epidemiology courses to the study of cancer. The course commences with a descriptive account of cancer vocabulary; multistage model of carcinogenesis; and pathologic and biologic basis of cancer. The course topics also include magnitude of the cancer problem; trends in cancer frequency, incidence, burden, mortality, survival and international cancer epidemiology. The concepts of the role of smoking, radiation, lifestyles, nutrition, and other exposures are reviewed. The descriptive epidemiology, natural history, and pathologic and biologic characteristics of selected common cancers, as well as factors related to their etiology are also discussed. The course format consists of a series of lectures by three faculty members and directed readings from the current literature. Students are required to analyze and present assigned papers of a given cancer.

Public Health » Epidemiology
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