Graham Sustainability Institute

Digitalized Stakeholder Ecosystems

MKT 632

This course is situated at the intersection of multi-stakeholder engagement and the digitalized ecosystems in which enterprises operate, or Digitalized Stakeholder Ecosystems (DSEs). The primary goal of the course is to expand your thinking using a core framework of multi-stakeholder value creation ecosystems that will help you understand and ideate on how enterprises can shape and leverage their ecosystems to adapt and respond to opportunities accentuated by digital technology, while also dealing with the challenges of multi-stakeholder engagement in interactive value creation.
The central theme of the course is creating impact in DSEs through interactive platforms of engagements and experiences. We will discuss how multi-stakeholder interactions can generate positive impact at scale, scope, and speed, sustainably. Several case examples will explore concepts and challenges spanning a wide range of DSE partnerships and stakeholder interactions of enterprises. These range from publicly-held private sector enterprises to benefit corporations, cross-industry and private-public partnerships, private-social partnerships, and cross-sector partnerships, and their interactions with various stakeholders, including citizens and the communities in which enterprises operate.

Business (Ross)
Winter 2020