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The Dow Sustainability Fellows Program at the University of Michigan, made possible by Dow and U-M, supports full-time graduate students who are committed to finding interdisciplinary, actionable, and meaningful sustainability solutions on local-to-global scales. The program prepares future sustainability leaders to make a positive difference in organizations worldwide.

Dow Fellows Program leaders are committed to continuous program improvement and student success. Leaders provide Fellows with professional development, guidance, tools, and templates to ensure success in project planning, outcomes, and impacts. Students learn to focus on practical applications of sustainability projects in collaboration with their clients and build impact measures directly into the project scope.

Key programmatic elements

    • Every Dow Fellow participates in an interdisciplinary project team and workes in partnership with an exernal organization
    • Each Dow Fellow receives tuition support, and all project teams receive support to actively engage with clients and stakeholders
    • In many cases, diversity-focused community partnerships benefit underserved populations 
    • The program builds on the U-M commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and engaged learning
    • Dow Fellows leverage the breadth and depth of scholarly expertise on climate protection and circular economy across U-M

    Remarkable support

    The Dow Sustainability Fellows Program is the largest corporate fellowship program at U-M. Thanks to the Dow Company Foundation’s generosity, we can continue to provide a transformative learning and career-building experience for graduate students across U-M, who comment every year on how much the Fellows Program means to their personal and professional development.

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