Graham Sustainability Institute

Elizabeth A. LaPorte

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Program Manager

Connecting faculty, students, and partners through the engagement of student-led teams focusing on sustainability challenges

Responsibilities: Plan and implement activities (symposia) for the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program, and the Graham Undergraduate Scholars Program; recruit participants and oversee program outreach and client engagement efforts, and develop online education and leadership content and deliver via seminars.

  • Consult with external partners interested in working with Interdisciplinary teams to identify sustainability needs and organize sustainability projects
  • Facilitate student support (project consultants and advisors) for community engagement
  • See examples of graduate student work locally and globally, see: Dow Global Impact Series 

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
My work contributes directly toward the United Nations SDGs listed below. Learn more.


  • More than 25 years of experience in program management and project management
  • Work internally with university faculty, staff, and students and externally with a variety of partners (government, non-profit, and businesses)
  • Program development, implementation, innovation, evaluation, and improvement
  • Marketing, promotion, and public outreach
  • Secure sponsored projects (state and federal grants, private donations), leveraging more than $4.5 million, developing proposals and reporting program impacts
  • Develop educational content for multiple audiences (e.g., undergraduate and graduate students, K-12 educators, and professionals)
  • Non-profit board leadership and organizational governance


  • Lecturer, Graham Sustainability Scholars seminar development (undergraduate students) and Dow Sustainability Fellows seminar development (graduate students)
  • Develop sustainability leadership sessions, workshops, and other programs for fellows and scholars
  • Coach and advise students about sustainability courses, internships, and career opportunities
  • (2018) Lecturer, Literature, Science & Arts, UC 327 - Undergraduate Sustainability Seminar
  • (2018-2019) Consultant, School of Education, CEDER, Dow Innovation Teacher Fellowship, leveraged the graduate Dow Fellows Program for K-12 teacher professional development 

Board Experience

  • Former President of the UUAA Board of Trustees, Chair of the Leadership Development Team, and member of the Governance Team  
  • Former President of the Michigan Clean Marina Foundation Board

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

  • Current member of the Graham Institute DEI team
  • Former Graham Institute DEI Lead, and founding member of Graham Institute DEI Team
  • Former member and advisor to the U-M DEI Education, Learning, and Advisory Group tasked with implementing a campus-wide DEI educational plan, and member of the U-M Diversity Competency Committee


  • Master's Certification - Educational Media and Technology, Eastern Michigan University (online education content, instructional design, and digital media development)
  • Master of Fine Arts - Communication and Design, Eastern Michigan University (design, marketing, product development, and content management)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Communications and Design, University of Michigan (two and three-dimensional design theory and practice, user-centered design, and ergonomics)


  • International Leadership Association
  • The Michigan Leadership Collaborative, University of Michigan
  • University of Michigan Alumni Association, (lifetime member)
  • UUAA, Sunderland Society Member